Georgie Koppermann

Chief Marketing Officer

Georgie Koppermann is a highly skilled and accomplished business development and strategic marketing executive with an exceptional track record of over 35 years in healthcare. With a unique blend of qualities and experiences, Georgie consistently drives revenue growth, enhances profitability, and elevates brand perception within the organizations she serves.

Georgie’s career exemplifies her deep understanding of various business aspects, her forward-thinking mindset, and her unwavering determination to overcome challenges, ultimately delivering exceptional results in healthcare and strategic marketing.

Throughout her career, Georgie has consistently delivered results:

Behavioral Healthcare Leadership: Georgie provided clear growth strategies and executed them efficiently, leading to substantial increases in brand value and revenue for behavioral healthcare organizations.

End-to-End Implementation: Georgie led the end-to-end implementation of brand strategies, sales initiatives, admissions processes, partnerships, local marketing campaigns, and service line development, ensuring comprehensive growth strategies.

High-Performing Teams: Georgie’s leadership resulted in the creation of high-performing teams, streamlined processes, and efficient systems, all of which contributed significantly to driving revenue growth within healthcare systems.

Web Optimization and Marketing: She optimized websites, implemented effective local marketing strategies, and devised a successful business development strategy for Veteran Affairs, resulting in improved online presence and reduced admission wait times.

Innovative Thinking: Georgie identified and capitalized on new growth opportunities by leveraging behavioral health marketing data, demonstrating her ability to think innovatively and adapt to changing market dynamics.

Strategic Alignment: Georgie effectively led marketing, admissions, and business development strategies, aligning them with financial objectives to drive organizational success.

Motivational Leadership: Her management and motivation of business development teams led to the execution of innovative marketing campaigns and the maintenance of desirable admissions levels.

Market Strategy Expertise: Georgie directed market strategy, business development efforts, admissions procedures, and marketing teams, consistently achieving annual marketing goals and system-wide objectives.